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Total Furniture Specification

At Corporate Living we love Awesome!

We know stunning corporate projects is a result of Awesome Design + Amazing FurnitureCL - specifying furniture web

Corporate Living’s Total Furniture Specification service understands that furniture is a serious investment. So whether you’re purchasing new furniture or reallocating what you have—or perhaps a mix of both—our team can help determine exactly what you require and specify furniture that is efficient and sustainable - just the way furniture should be.

We have the capabilities to show 3D views, renderings and station typicals so you can visualise how your investment will look and function.

We’ve built long and lasting relationships with furniture dealers. We can work with any furniture system and manufacturer and have access to product information to fit diverse space possibilities. You get a full range of efficient, sustainable, cost-effective, ergonomic, and visually superb products to choose from.

With Corporate Living, you stay on top of the latest furniture trends, plus you get the peace of mind and added value knowing a furniture specialist is doing the legwork for you. We deliver quickly and under your budget line.

Full Furniture Specification covers:

 Furniture Assessment + Selection
 Standards Development + Support
 CAP Electronic Specifications
 Workstation Typicals
 Furniture Procurement
 Project Management
 Furniture Installation Drawings

We manage the whole process from specification all the way to installation. We also offer removal services for all types of office furniture.

So find out more about how awesome we can get your Furniture Specification. Contact us by phone at 9354 0199, or by email at [email protected].

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